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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can obtain a burn permit?

Only registered property owners and tenants who have obtained written permission from the property owner.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

On this website with a credit card or in person at fire station 1 Picton, Shire Hall Picton or any public library in Prince Edward County.

What can I burn?

Firewood, brush, leaves, paper/cardboard and lumber that has not been painted or treated. NO GARBAGE!

Do I need a permit?

YES! All outdoor fires require a permit, this includes chimineas, campfires, burn barrels/incinerators, and brush piles. Review the Prince Edward County Open Air Fire by-law 77-2021 to ensure that the intended location of your fire conforms to the required distances from structures, property lines and forests.

I rent the property where I want to have a fire, do I need a permit?

Yes, and you must obtain written permission from the owner on paper which must be kept with your burn permit at all times. Your burn permit and letter of permission must be available at all times. When you create your burn permit account and add your address select I/We rent this property option and provide the email address of your property owner. The property owner will be emailed notifying them of your intent to purchase a burn permit. They will have the option to allow or deny your purchase. The intended location of your fire must meet the distance requirements from all structures, property lines and forests as per Prince Edward County Open Air Fire by-law 77-2021 .

Do I need a Paypal account to purchase a burn permit online?

No, you do not require a Paypal account to purchase a burn permit online. To submit your payment click the gold "Make Payment Button" and then click the grey "Pay with a credit or Visa debit card" button.

How do I add my address to my account?

If your address is a numbered municipal road such as 123 County Rd 1: Enter your street address as 123 Prince Edward County Rd 1 followed by your town, province and postal code. If your street address is on located on Loyalist Parkway or Highway 62 be sure to use your mailing address. You may also drag the red pin on the map to your location. You must enter the town and postal code.

I own more than one property in Prince Edward County, is there a charge for additional permits?

No, only one permit is required for all properties owned by the same owner. When you create your burn permit account, add all of your property addresses to your account and then create your permit. When you call to activate your permit you will be prompted to indicate which property you will be burning at. There is an exception for Short Term Accommodation operators who own multiple properties. Please see the STA FAQ

How do I activate my burn permit?

If you purchased your burn permit after April 6, 2021 call 1-833-376-1011, listen to the voice prompts and activate your permit using the telephone number associated with the burn permit account. You can also activate your burn permit online through your burn permit account.

I purchased my burn permit prior to April 12, 2021, can I activate my permit using this new system?

No, customers who purchased their permit prior to April 12, 2021 must continue to activate their permit by calling 613-476-7232 or 613-962-3497. Starting January 1, 2022 all burn permits will be sold through this system and the legacy system will be discontinued.

I own a short term accomodation property(s) Can I obtain a burn permit for my STA property(s)

Yes, create a burn permit account, and select STA permit. If you own multiple STA properties you will require an STA permit for each property. STA burn permits are activated using a 10 digit code located on the burn permit that is unique to each property. Purchase the first permit and contact Fire administration at 613-476-2345 to receive your additional permits.

What are the distance requirements for fires?

OUTDOOR FIREPLACE/CHIMINEA: Must be 3 meters from any building forest or woodland and 5 meters from all property lines. CAMPFIRE, BURN BARREL/INCINERATOR: Must be 8 meters from any building, forest or woodland and 5 meters from all property lines. BRUSH PILE FIRE:Must be 25 meters away from any building, cobustible structure, over head wires and located 5 meters from all property lines.